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Digital Recipe Books

Fuel Like a Champion - From Anywhere in
the World!


Ever wondered what many of the world’s highest performers eat on a daily basis?

Well, look no further… our recipes are now available for everybody to enjoy, no matter your starting point or goal. 

Save time, increase variety, boost flavour, maximise performance! 

Our subscription service explained

Our subscription service explained

Used by many of the world's best high performers.

30 of our Champion’s Favourite Recipes (per booklet)
Including a variety of mouth-watering main meals, snacks, smoothies and desserts.
Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious
All recipes are high in beneficial nutrients to help fuel and nourish the body.
Ideal for Young People
Who wish to put their chef hat on and unlock their very own ‘Inner Champion’ through the power of food!
Ideal for Adults & Small Family Teams
Who also wish to eat healthily without compromising flavour!
Designed With Your Busy Lifestyle in Mind
The majority of recipes are quick and easy to prepare, and are made from ingredients readily available in most supermarkets.
Fully Downloadable
All recipe booklets are digital. They can be downloaded and are yours to enjoy for life! 
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Our Pricing


You receive 1 Recipe Booklet containing 30 new recipes every 30 days. This is delivered to you electronically via our online portal (cancel anytime).




12 Months (save £35!)


You receive 1 Recipe Booklet containing 30 new recipes every 30  days for 12-months (one-time payment; 360 recipes total).

Receive Your First Book Now!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do the subscriptions work?

Signing up on a monthly basis: You will receive one new digital Recipe Booklet every 30 days. You can access this via our secure online portal and will be given the option to download the booklet to save offline (we recommend doing this). You will be billed each month but can easily cancel your subscription at any time. 

You can also pause your subscription should you wish to do so. If you wish to sign back up, the next booklet you receive will be in sequential order. 

e.g. if you receive Recipe Booklets 1, 2, 3 and 4 and then pause, when you sign back up the next booklet you receive will be Recipe Book 5 (you won’t receive the same recipe booklet twice). 

Signing up on an annual basis: You will receive one new digital Recipe Booklet every 30 days (12 books total across 12-months). This is a one-time payment - you will not be charged further at any point. 

Do you offer physical copies of the Recipe Books?

Not at this moment in time but possibly in the future if the demand is there.

Will I be guided on how to best understand and use the Recipe Books?

Absolutely! Upon signing up, you will be provided with access to a video by our amazing Creative Chef, Tiffany. She will talk you through the ‘Need to Know’. We are always happy to help where we can and so if you have any burning questions please contact us directly:  

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