A revolutionary high performance nutrition course for ambitious teenagers and parents.

Champions of the Future Course

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Empowering the next generation.

Welcome to our 'Champions of the Future' Course page! 

Our revolutionary online course helps young people unlock their full potential by teaching them the most valuable principles and practical skills as it relates to their nutrition

12-15 hours of high performance learning that can improve the way you eat for a lifetime.

Those enrolled on our course will learn from our team of highly qualified experts here at The Edge, as well as a wide variety of the world’s best high performers who are heavily involved in our mission! 

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Olympic Gold Medalist, course ambassador and contributor: Galal Yafai, MBE. 

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Gain 'The Edge' in life with nutrition!

An overview of our course

An overview of our course


Who is this course for
 what is included?

Specifically designed for 14-18 year olds, no matter their starting point or goals (academic, sporting or otherwise). Our course isn’t exclusive to those involved in sport - it can benefit any teenager who strives to unlock their full potential.

Parents may also take the course to support their child through the learning journey, or develop their own knowledge to best support their child or children.

Created by experts, powered by Champions. Those enrolled on this course will also learn from many of the world’s best high performers!

Course includes 20 bite-sized modules. The time commitment per module is ~30 minutes.

Each bite-sized module features digestible bite-sized lessons, including video presentations, a summary resource and quiz. ​

Course includes 12-months access to all content. ​

Study from anywhere in the world (100% online learning).​

Students can study in their own time, and at their own pace (flexible learning).​

Pictured here: Course ambassador and contributor, Ramla Ali.

Your Teenage Child
The Edge

High level expertise & experience, world renowned reputation

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Role models, inspiration, 

motivation, unique insights

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The development of healthy nutrition habits of a lifetime.

Improved health, mental & physical wellbeing, 
increased confidence.

"Champion habits are the foundation for success in any field. Fantastic program by Team Edge."
Antti Kontsas - Hintsa Performance Coach to 4 x Formula 1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel.

Our course features exclusive nutrition insights & lessons from the world's best. 

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Course Overview

The course itself comprises of 20 bite-sized modules listed below.

The total time commitment for the course is ~12-15 hours
(equivalent to 15 mins of high performance learning per week).

Module 1: Welcome!

Are you ready to unlock your 'Inner Champion'?

Module 2: 

Meet the Champions!

Module 3: 

The power of food

Module 4: 

Your relationship with food

Module 7: 

Food quality & variety

Module 5: 

Mindful eating

Module 8: 

The food groups - Carbohydrates focus

Module 6: 

Habits of Champions

Module 9: 

The food groups - Fats focus

Module 10: 

The food groups - Protein focus

Module 13: 

Hydration -

Your best kept secret

Module 11: 

The food groups - Fruits & veggies focus

Module 14: 

Smart snacking

Module 12: 

Meals of Champions - 

Bringing it all together

Module 15: 

Developing a

Champion routine

Module 16: 

Sleep like a Champion

Module 19: 

Get on board!

Module 17: 

Winning in the kitchen!

Module 20: 

Champion status


Your next steps...

Module 18: 

Eating for the Planet