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of the Future

A revolutionary high performance nutrition course that's helping teenagers EXCEL - no matter their starting point or goals.

"I am proud to be an ambassador of this phenomenally important & professional project."
- Chrissie Wellington, OBE

1 Year


Our easy to follow, 100% online course, is transforming how teenagers learn about, activate and sustain excellent eating habits so that they can live a healthy, high performance life. 

Parents may also take this course to better understand how to help their child or children develop world class nutrition habits & behaviours.

We are trusted by many of the world's best high performers. 

View more of our high performing clients, and their testimonials, on our sister site HERE


Why Choose Our Course?

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Delivered by highly qualified experts, our truly unique course uses the principles of behavioural change science to help young people develop excellent nutrition knowledge, habits and behaviours. This one-time investment has the power to significantly benefit a young persons long-term health, confidence, energy and performance - whether that be in the classroom or workplace, on the sports field, or beyond. 

  • 100% online: study in your own time, at your own pace (study when suits you).

  • Easy to follow, bite-sized modules and content.

  • 2 years of access.

  • 12-15 hours total time commitment (equivalent to 1 hour each month).

  • Bonus content + many 'keep for life' resources, guides and templates.

We make high performance nutrition simple, engaging and enjoyable. We empower young people with world class knowledge and skills that can benefit their entire life.  


To improve the lives of young people by making nutrition the solution, not the problem. 

Our course achieves this by helping young people better understand, activate and sustain world class nutrition habits from an early age - that they can then carry forward to benefit any area of their life.

Our Mission


Course Benefits

By the end of this course, you will have the essential knowledge and skills to successfully implement high performance nutrition habits that can benefit any area of your life.

You will also become much more confident with your food choices, and be better able to make smarter choices in any situation.

About Our Course

About Our Course


Our Course Can Improve...

Mental & Physical Performance

If you're nourished better, you live, feel & perform better.


Understanding & activation of the most valuable nutrition principles & practical skills.

Happy & Healthy Life 

Long-term health, confidence & overall relationship with food.


Receptiveness to high performance eating habits & behaviours.

Why does this matter &

why now? 

The knowledge of what to eat, alongside where, when and why food is consumed can empower young people to take control of their now and their future, enjoy a positive relationship with food, and ultimately, live a happier and healthier life

Pictured here: Ellie Simmonds, OBE. 5 x Paralympic Gold Medalist. Course ambassador and contributor.
Ellie_photo medals 2012.jpg
With more than 1,000 meal opportunities across the course of a year (and even more when drinks and snacks are considered), the food choices that young people make now will have a significant impact on both their current and future self. 

We help young people become active agents of their own future.

Pictured here: Ramla Ali. Professional model and Olympian. Course ambassador and contributor.
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If a young person gets just 1% better with their nutrition each day, they’ll end up 37 times better one year later. Although 1% can easily be overlooked in everyday life, small tweaks add up to make extraordinary changes.

This is why activating healthy eating habits and behaviours from an early age, and making slightly better decisions each day, is incredibly important. 

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Never has it been more important to help teenagers understand,

activate and sustain healthy eating habits.

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